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DTI partnership


DTI Overview & Highlights

  • Experts in Intervention, Production and Abandonment technology

  • First class manufacturing

  • In depth well expertise to solve your technical challenges


Slim Pump Series - API Qualified safety system for rigless ESP deployment. Flexible configuration made up of one or more of SP Safety Valve, Packer & Latch.
Ultra-High Expansion - Includes M-Bubble metal element bridge plug which can be deployed on Slickline, Wireline or Coiled Tubing and provides industry leading expansion ratios and pressure ratings.
Coiled Tubing – Robust, reliable product range and trusted where high performance tools are required. Continuous development successes include our extreme service MHA suitable for very high vibration loads and our patented metal to metal sealing PermaSeal BHA’s.
E-Series – Exceptionally robust E-Line tools using state of the art, field proven components for longevity and ease of redress. Electrical components are redressed by swapping easy to fit cartridge assemblies with no oil filling required.
Slickline – A complete portfolio of Slickline Tools featuring evolved designs to last longer, produce higher impacts and grip fish tighter.
Flow Control – A large range of high-quality Profile Nipples, Lock Mandrels, Valves and Instrument Hangers plus a slickline set, slickline retrieve Bridge Plug which does not require a setting tool. Our Injection Valve is a trusted, proven well barrier that outlasts the competition.


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