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High Temperature Memory

Downhole Memory Camera is widely used as quickest and easiest visual inspection technology with slickline deployment for a cost effective operation to get the valuable information downhole. High quality video can be easily downloaded from memory camera after the operation through a user friendly software using any operation system.


  • Full HD resolution, 60 fps recorded video
  • Upto 2 hours operation at 177°C/350°F
  • Flask free outer cooling technology
  • Slim, 2.125” OD HT Camera
  • Easy and user-friendly data downloading
  • Easy mobilization

High Temperature Memory Camera


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Unique Full HD resolution and High Temperature (177°C/350°F) Slickline Memory Camera on the market providing 60 frame per second colorful video.
Opteye Memory camera is a perfect choice for Oil & Gas and Geothermal applications!

Case Videos

Sucker Rod Pump Failure

In case you have a failure with Sucker Rod Pump you should replace the Rod and possibly the Tubing Barrel as well for visual investigation. Instead of pulling the tubing out of the surface you can easily visualize tubing issues in place appling downhole cameras. Be smart and save time and money!

Supporting Fishing Activities

Most common purpose of downhole camera service is when there is an obstruction within the well having no or limited but definitely not sure information about the top of the fish. Ideal goal for downhole camera, providing the most important visual evidence to plan next action.